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New Arrivals & Featured Saltwater Fish for sale Raleigh, NC:

Crosshatch Trigger (male) 8″

Size: Max 11.4 Inches
Origin: Hawaii
Diet and Feeding: Mixed diet of meaty foods: clam, muscle, mysis. This fish will also eat frozen green.
Ease of Care (5=easy, 1=difficult): 5
Minimum Aquarium Size: 75 Gallon

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Fast Facts: Extremely rare deep water fish. Hardy in the reef aquarium.


Fromia monilis (Elegant Sea Star)

Also known as Volcano Starfish 

Colors:  Rose, Orange and Hot Pink

Region: Red Sea to Central Pacific (these are from Sri Lanka)

Ornamental and Reef Safe

Keep with Live Rock, from which they graze algae and microorganisms.

Hardiness in captivity: Delicate to acclimate >Life span-years, with care.

Prices range from $35.00-$45.00


Seahorse 12-13cm (Hippocampus reidi)

Common names:  Longsnout Seahorse and Giant Brazilian Seahorse

Colors:  Orange, Red and Bright Yellow with small dark spots evenly scattered over its head and body.

During courtship, this species exhibits neon highlights.

The snout is long and individuals have 16 to 19 dorsal fin rays

Max: 15cm

Prices Range from: $150-$300


Supermale Hooded Fairy Wrasse

Rare Fairy Wrasse endemic to Vanuatu.


Tinker’s Butterfly Fish

Rare Hawaiian deep water Butterfly.


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